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Sakura no Gakkou, or School of Cherry Blossoms, is a short horror game where you wake up in an abandoned school after falling asleep in a boring day of class. You play as a school girl named Yumi and you'll need to find a way to leave the school.

As you explore parts of the school while searching for that escape path, you may learn troubling secrets about the school.


This game demo was made in the third semester of the team's undergraduate program as part of a final project. It was developed by a team of seven members, using Unity. While this game demo may or may not receive any updates in the future, we will always be glad to hear any feedback or criticism that you, as a player, may provide in order for us to do better as game developers.

Currently, our game may not be optimized well enough to run on lower end PCs. There are some visual bugs, but we have made sure to iron out all the major gameplay bugs that we have encountered.

If there is any confusion about controls, you can press the ESC button whenever during gameplay to bring up the controls but just in case, here's the controls:

  • WASD/Arrow keys - Move
  • Shift+Move - Run
  • Ctrl - Crouch
  • Ctrl+Move - Crouch-walk
  • Space bar - Jump
  • Escape - Pause

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(41 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Dark, Female Protagonist, Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Third Person, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Version 1

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So dark and twisted. I love the way this is portrayed from the child's perspective. 10/10 game. 




Just added this to my private collection! I want to play it when I get a Windows, but for now.. My Mac-self won't be able to play it :(

I know this game is fairly old, but I still enjoyed it.

*Deep Sigh*

I can't play the game, whenever it got to the scene of her falling asleep, the game crashed and kicked me out, I tried 3 times and reinstalled it, but it didn't work.

Gameplay não comentado (Uncommented gameplay)

OMG This Was So Fun But Scary Lol!

That was a fun experience!  Thanks for a fun game devs!

Decent little horror game; it isn't very long, but it does have some atmosphere to it and a nice little twist at the end.

Cool game, I did have it crash on me 5 times cause the graphics were too low which was weird; regardless though I did enjoy it. 


Short but very cool game! The atmosphere and design were nice.I really enjoyed the game. I will link my gameplay below if you are interested in seeing my reaction.

Very short horror game! recommended to play

EXCELLENT GAME! Feel free to check out my gameplay below!

This game is creepy in its own way. It's not so scary at first even though you meet the faceless monster. What's scary for me it's the end, the girl clearly has choke marks around her neck and the boy... turned into the faceless monster. I'm assuming there's a perfectly explanation lol

this is my gameplay pideo | indonesia

I really enjoyed the game! 
I think what I liked the most, was the ending. It was quite the plot twist and I did not see it coming.. very nicely done!

I've made a video on my experience of the game, feel free to have a look!
Unfortunately, YouTube messed up the quality a bit it seems.. not sure what happened.

i love it.

ok good

is a japanesse game ?

No. It is an inspired japanese horror game


i love your game

i love your game


its soooooooooooooooo CREEPY AND SCARY

I love this app its very crepy


Artstyle is really good and story looks creepy. I hope you'll make more games like this!


really great work for a student project. I really like it and think it can go a long way if there was more work put into it. great job peps 

I absolutely love this game! The various art styles to figuring out what the story line was all about was awesome. Creep vibe and atmosphere was perfect. <3 The only feedback/criticism I can give is when the "thing" starts to chase you the camera turns to look at him and the main character turns automatically as you're trying to run away. Losing time and almost always getting caught because of it. Past that though, it's a wonderful game!! 

Very beautiful graphics and atmosphere! 10/10 would recommend! :D


It was a good little game I thought, it gave me chills and a sense of uneasy(In a good way) would love to see more done with it if you were to do so.

An absolute masterpiece! I love the artstyle and especially the atmosphere! The setting itself looks a bit hasty but god damn if you play throught the whole game and get what the story is about you just feel tears in your eyes! Very well done.


i was waiting for an explaination at the end lol! very good job 

Loved it :D. It was fast and very scary just the way i like it.

really enjoyed the game, though the arts classroom reminded me of january

Man this was really subtle, I loved it!

Great job! I really like it! This one is particular is very funny and spooky. I actually made a video playing this amazing game with hilarious reactions. I hope you enjoy. Keep the good work!

the ending though, wow

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