Sakura no Gakkou - Update v1.01 and a token of appreciation!

To start this off, we actually did not expect this game to blow up as much as it did. It took us at least a day or two in our semester break before noticing all these responses that took us by surprise. As Sakura no Gakkou is our first project as a team, this means a lot to us.


    We've been reading and watching feedback on our game. With today's update, we tried to squash some bugs found in the game. This includes fixing some areas where it allowed players to accidentally wander off to impossible areas, and updating camera angles in certain areas that made it hard to navigate. Brightness was something that we did not think would differ too much between devices, and this caused a lot of issues with players' immersion as certain scenes were too bright or too dark for users. Therefore, a brightness slider was added into the game as a quick remedy to this issue. Oh, and we've also tried to improve the skirt physics so that it will no longer do 'odd things' except in rare cases. :3

Below is a vague list of updates, while omitting notes that may be direct spoilers to the game for those who hasn't played the game. Do note that there is completely no change to the story in version v1.01 compared to the original release.

  • Updated cameras in certain areas.
  • Fixed camera angle issues.
  • Fixed an area that allowed walking past objects like a ghost. Spooky :(
  • Adjusted some sounds and added new ones too.
  • Attempted to fix cloth physics.
  • Added a brightness slider to the new pause menu design.
  • Attempted to optimize physics calculation.
  • You can now skip the intro scene and ending scene by holding Escape button up to 3 seconds.

    There's also been reports of crashes that were happening to some users at a chance right after the game's intro scene is finished. We're not exactly sure why this happens yet. For now, we've just added a few precautionary steps to avoid this and better distinctions of when this happens, if it happens again.

    This update has just been mostly small fixes as most of us are still on their semester break holidays and are therefore not available to develop other content. We've been discussing about adding some extension to the story so that it is more fleshed out, and other improvements in terms of gameplay and visuals. We've definitely had lots of fun reading out fan theories on the story! However, we don't really have an idea on when this content update will release, and we can't promise this either since our next semester is also closely looming by so we may be involved in development of a brand new game instead. Either way, hope all of you look forward to them!

Thank you for trying out our game! 

from The Tangerine team.

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