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Artstyle is really good and story looks creepy. I hope you'll make more games like this!

really great work for a student project. I really like it and think it can go a long way if there was more work put into it. great job peps 

I absolutely love this game! The various art styles to figuring out what the story line was all about was awesome. Creep vibe and atmosphere was perfect. <3 The only feedback/criticism I can give is when the "thing" starts to chase you the camera turns to look at him and the main character turns automatically as you're trying to run away. Losing time and almost always getting caught because of it. Past that though, it's a wonderful game!! 

Very beautiful graphics and atmosphere! 10/10 would recommend! :D


It was a good little game I thought, it gave me chills and a sense of uneasy(In a good way) would love to see more done with it if you were to do so.

Epic short horror experience amazing atmosphere created and it was nice seeing a 3rd person game as well and the monster was horrible generally scary excellent game

An absolute masterpiece! I love the artstyle and especially the atmosphere! The setting itself looks a bit hasty but god damn if you play throught the whole game and get what the story is about you just feel tears in your eyes! Very well done.


i was waiting for an explaination at the end lol! very good job 

Loved it :D. It was fast and very scary just the way i like it.

really enjoyed the game, though the arts classroom reminded me of january

Man this was really subtle, I loved it!

Great job! I really like it! This one is particular is very funny and spooky. I actually made a video playing this amazing game with hilarious reactions. I hope you enjoy. Keep the good work!

the ending though, wow

Sakura no Gakkou is an interesting game with a deep plot, even though there isn’t any voice acting nor an extreme length of time to complete the game. To be honest, this game reminded me of Playdead’s Inside, where the in game characters are faceless and voiceless.  But don’t let that deter you away from the plot. I definitely recommend this little indie game for those who wants to have a bit of fun. 

An interesting game! The atmosphere was spot on and i was pleasantly surprised with the art at the beginning. Love the lighting and the scene setting! The controls felt pretty tight too, I'd enjoy playing a full  version of this! 


Good game

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When will the game be released with no errors that will automatically end?

O ▽O)?

And I want to have a true ending!

> ▽<)

Thanks for playing our game!
Is it possible that you elaborate more on what kind of error did you encounter? Is it the one where it crashes and abruptly ends the game after the player falls asleep? We've yet to find a reliable way to replicate that particular crash on computers we've tested on, so we're still working on fixing this. Sorry about that!

do you mind people making let's play YouTube videos of your game

Love the art style of this game, hope to see more games from you guys!

great game, i like it, really good work on the development. you guys did a good job

looking forward for much more games from you guys. 

only negative things is camera can be weird at times, other than that, beautiful, truly beautiful. 

this  Game is so creepy * echoes away * 

such a cool game! Surprised me a couple of times! There were some nice aesthetics like the camera positioning, lighting, and story moments! Great job! 

I don't want detention!


What a great game! I love the way the mood was set since the beginning. The cinematics were amazing and the gameplay as well. I love how the camara was set were I couldn't really see what's in front of me or behind me. That adds a feeling of dread and horror that makes the game even better. 10/10 this kind of game is why I love indie games 


The ending shocked me when I saw who that was.


This game was amazing! There was so much creepy symbolism and the sound design was awesome as well. I always find that Japanese horror or things based off it are the scariest. This definitely got me good a couple times! 

Markiplier played your game!

This game had an awesome atmosphere. The visuals were great and the gameplay was solid. The game itself was very well optimized and ran pretty smooth! Everything from the sound engineering to the story was spot on and left me wanting more. My only complaint was how short the game was. There is definitely room for a sequel or spin-off, maybe even a prequel to add onto the game itself. The game was very well done! Thanks so much for making this!

Really enjoyed this even though it was very short. 

This was great, thanks!

I really enjoyed this game. I wish there was more. The horror aspect of it was the most enjoyable. as well as the atmosphere. Very well made I thought.  

the monster reminded me of no face from spirited away great game guys 

First off, this ran so smooth so high marks from me already.

interesting way of depicting brutality and the scares through out kept my bottom held tight.

I think there was a message in there too at the end but i'm not 100%

Overall lovely game, well made and it ran like a dream, good job!

Short but amazing! The sound design in this game was great, and I love the art style. This game would be amazing to be expanded upon, but I love it as is! Thanks for making such a fun experience.


The atmosphere and the aesthetic of the game is superb!!
Honestly I could play a full game with this kind of story and art direction.
The stylized models, the gloomy environments and the animated sequences make this game really pleasing to play. Not to mention that this way you achieve to tell a story in a creative way.
If I could provide any feedback that would be just keep working on the project. You have something that can be a really awesome game!
I wish you the best!!

awesome game! great interpretation to the game as well. 

I like the school side horror and environment jumpscare. Not sure if my theory on what happened in the school is close or not. But I like to think I got close to the truth.

really like the game the art and graphics are amazing and the story is very interesting hope to see more or more games form you!!


Thanks to The Tangerine team for creating this game! :) While the environments could be busier / death animations could use some work, given the time you all put this together I enjoyed it and appreciate your hard work!

That's Pretty Game! I Enjoyed Play Game
재밌게 즐겼어요!

I loved the art style and, even though the camera angles can be a bit frustrating at times it fit well with the flow of the game. The camera moves reminded me of games such as, the old resident evil and, others I can't recall the titles to right now.
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